India Tribes

Angami tribe

Angami-tribe_to-800Angami tribe

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Angami tribe belongs to the extreme north eastern part of the...

Gonds Tribe

Gonds-Tribe_ton-aGonds Tribe

The Gonds are the tribal community mostly found in the Gond forests of the central...

Bhils tribe

Bhils-tribe_to-800Bhils tribe

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Bhils are popularly known as the bow men of Rajasthan. They are the...

Great Andamanese Tribe

Great-Andamanese_to-800Great Andamanese Tribe

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Great Andamanese is the negrito tribe...

chenchu tribe

chenchu-tribe_ton-800chenchu tribe

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Chenchu inhabit in the Nallamalai hills, which have been the...

Khasi tribe

Khasi-tribe_tone-800Khasi tribe

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Khasi tribe is mainly found in the sate of Assam and the Khasi...

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