Forts of Sri Lanka

- Forts of Sri Lanka

Forts-of-Sri-Lanka_tone-800Forts of Sri Lanka

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Forts and fortifications in Sri Lanka date back...

Elephant Pass Fort

Elephant-Pass-FortElephant Pass Fort

Elephant Pass is one of the most strategic locations in Sri Lanka, linking...

Batticaloa Fort

Batticaloa-Fort_ton-800Batticaloa Fort

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The Batticaloa Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and...

Fort Fredrick

Fort-FredrickFort Fredrick

Fort Fredrick (Fort of Triquillimale) is a fort built by Portuguese colonials at...

Colombo fort

Colombo-fort_to-800Colombo fort

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Fort is the central business district of Colombo in Sri...

Fort Hammenheil

Fort-Hammenheil_tonemappedFort Hammenheil

Fort Hammenheil is a fort built around a small island between the islands of...

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