Laos tribes

- List of ethnic groups in Laos

Laos-tribes--800List of ethnic groups in Laos

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The following is a list of...

Khmer people

Khmer-people_to-800Khmer people

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Khmer people (/ˈkmɛər/ or /kəˈmɛər/; Khmer...

Alak people

Alak-people_tonemappedAlak people

The Alak or Hrlak are an Austroasiatic ethnic group of southern Laos, living mainly in...

Khmu people

Khmu-people_toneKhmu people

The Khmu (/kəˈmuː/; also spelled Khamu or Kemu; Khammu or Khơ Mú in Vietnam; Lao...

Katang people

Katang-people_ton-800Katang people

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The Katang are an ethnic group living in Laos, although a few...

Lao people

Lao-people_tonemapped-aLao people

The Lao (Lao: ລາວ, Thai or Isan: ลาว, IPA: láːw) are an ethnic group native...

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