Malaysia Buddhist temples

- Malaysia Buddhist temples

Malaysia-Buddhist-temples-big_to-800Malaysia Buddhist temples

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Kuala Lumpur, Wat Chetawan

Wat-Chetawan-800Wat Chetawan

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Wat Chetawan (Thai: วัดเชตวัน) is the famous...

Kuala Lumpur, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

Sin-Sze-Si-Ya-Temple-800Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

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Sin Sze Si Ya Temple is the temple built by Yap Ah...

Penang, Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

Dhammikarama-Burmese-Temple-800Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

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Dhamikarama Burmese Temple (Burmese...

Kuala Lumpur, Thean Hou Temple

Thean-Hou-Temple_ton-800Thean Hou Temple

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The Thean Hou Temple (Chinese: 天后宫; pinyin...

Penang, Kek Lok Si

Kek-Lok-Si_ton-800Kek Lok Si

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The Kek Lok Si Temple (simplified Chinese: 极乐寺; traditional...

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