Yunnan Tribes

Bai people

Bai-01-800Bai people

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Bai Women at Shaping Monday Market around Dali Yunnan China 2010

  Of the 1,858,063 Bai people, 80...

De'ang people

deang-01De'ang people

Yunnan, Ruili : De'ang village

The number of De'ang people in China totals17,935. Small as their population is, the people of...

Dai People

dai-01-800Dai People

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At The Hua Yao Dai Festival

A line of Hua Yao Dai woman wearing traditional breastpieces and hats waiting to...

Hani People

Hani-02-800Hani People

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Hani women singing a toast at the Long Table Festival in Yuanyang, China

Most of the 1,439,673 Hanis live...

Dai, Peacock dance

Dai-Peacock-Dance-01-800Dai, Peacock dance

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This is Dai’s dance from the Yun-nan region in China where the peacock population is abundant. The...

Lahu People

Lahu-01-800Lahu People

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Also known as Musor, the Lahu are concentrated near the Burmese border and have five sub-groupings: Red...

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