Amami Islands

- Amami Islands

Amami-Islands-02-800Amami Islands

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The Amami Islands (奄美群島 Amami-guntō?)[1] are a group of islands that is part of the Satsunan...



Kendo in Tokunoshima

Toku-no-shima[1] (徳之島?, Amami: とゥクヌシマ Tukunushima) is an island in the Amami Islands of...

Amami Ōshima island

amamiAmami Ōshima island


Amami Ōshima (奄美大島?, Okinawan: Uushima (ウーシマ?); Amami: Ushima (ウシマ?)) is a...

Yoronjima Island

Yoronjima-01-800Yoronjima Island

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on top of the world

the view from the 5th floor of the southern cross center, which also happens to be...

Kikai Island

Kikai-IslandKikai Island

Sugar Cane Farming

Kikai Island (喜界島 Kikai-jima?, Amami: キャー Kyaa) is an island in the Amami Islands, which are part...