Ōsumi Islands

- Ōsumi Islands

Osumi-PeninsulaŌsumi Islands

mouth of the Kinko Bay

The Osumi Peninsula is at the left side, and the Satsuma Peninsula is at the right side. Mt. Kaimon is...

Yakushima Island

Yakushima-01-800Yakushima Island

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Yakushima (屋久島?), one of the Ōsumi Islands, has an area of about 500 km² and a population...

Kuchinoerabu Island

Kuchinoerabu-IslandKuchinoerabu Island

Kuchinoerabu Island (口永良部島 Kuchinoerabu-jima?) is a volcano located in the Ōsumi Islands, Japan. In the...

Tanegashima island

Tanegashima-01-800Tanegashima island

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Tanegashima Rocket Centre

Tanegashima (種子島?) is an island lying to the south of Kyushu, in...