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Nadaam Festival 2010 at Khövsgöl Nuur

Log cabins, pine forests and monstrous fish do not conform to the classic image of...

Darkhad valley

Darkhad-Valley-01-800Darkhad valley

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Mongolian Gothic

Cameras are rather scarce in the Mongolian countryside, so when my host family in the...

Amurbayasqulangtu keyid

Amarbayasgalant-Khiid-01-800Amurbayasqulangtu keyid

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The Monastery of Tranquil Felicity (Mongolian: Амарбаясгалант хийд...



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Erdenet Proper

Erdenet City. Copper mine to the left, ger district to the right.

Erdenet (Mongolian...



Bulgan, Hutag Ondor

Bulgan (Mongol: Булган) is a town, administrative centre of Bulgan province of Mongolia. Bulgan sum has a...



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Tsaatan Village, Reindeers

The Dukha (Mongolian: Цаатан, Tsaatan) are a small culture of reindeer...