Taiwan's Islands

- Taiwan’s outer islands

taiwan-islandsTaiwan’s outer islands

Dongqing Village, Lanyu Island

Beautiful, well off the beaten path for most Western travellers and as chock-full of...

Matsu Islands

Matsu-Fishermen-01-800Matsu Islands

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Matsu Fishermen

Matsu Fishermen, Beigan, Matsu islands, Taiwan

Generally the crew of these fishing boats...

Beigan Island

Chinbi-VillageBeigan Island

Chinbi Village, Beigan Island, Matsu

Nangan too boisterous for you? A quick ferry brings you to Beigan (Běigān, Peikan)...

Orchid Island

Orchid-Island-01-800Orchid Island

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grand boat launching ceremony in Lanyu 2011 蘭嶼大船下水儀式

Orchid Island (Yami language: Ponso no...



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an old house in Kinmen

a combination old house with western and southern Fujian style from the mid-19th to early...

Penghu Islands

penghuPenghu Islands

The Penghu Islands, also known as Pescadores (from Portuguese: "fishermen") are an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan...