West Bengal Tribes

Bhutia Tribe

Bhutia-Tribe-01-800Bhutia Tribe

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The Bhutia (in Sikkim: Denzongpa; Tibetan: འབྲས་ལྗོངས་པ་, Wylie...

Garo Tribe

Garo-peopleGaro Tribe

The Garos are a tribal people in Meghalaya, India and neighboring areas of Bangladesh, who call themselves A·chik Mande (literally...

Birhor Tribe

Birhor-danceBirhor Tribe

Birhor dance

Birhor people are a tribal/Adivasi forest people, traditionally nomadic, living primarily in the Indian state of...

Lepcha Tribe

LepchaLepcha Tribe

Old Lepcha Lady at Gangtok Mall

Gangtok is capital of the small mountain state of Sikkim in India. The main people of Sikkim are...

Chakma Tribe

ChakmaChakma Tribe

Down at the Chakma market, this chap enjoys his pipe

The Chakmas ( Chakma or ), also known as the Changhma (চাংমা)...

Lohar Tribe

Lohar-tribe-01-800Lohar Tribe

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Lohar is an ethnic sub-caste found among Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims in Northern India and Northern Pakistan...

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