North-west Frontier Province

- North-West Frontier Province

north-west-Frontier-Province-01-800North-West Frontier Province

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pashto: خیبر پښتونخوا‎ [xaiˈbər pəxtunˈxwɑ]; Urdu...



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chitral Kalash commnity

Chitral or Chetrar (Pashto,Urdu: چترال‎),(Khowar:چھترار), translated as...



Bannu (Urdu: بنوں‎; Pashto: بنوں ولسوالی‎ [ˈbanu], in the local Pashto dialect called Bana or Bani Gul). It is the...

Chitral district

Chitral-district-01-800Chitral district

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Travelling up the valley from Chitral to Mastuj, Buni Zom (6551m) on the right hand side

Chitral (Urdu...



A view from the Malakand top toward Chakdara, on the way to swat. As you travel further from Dargai/Mardan toward Swat a mountain...

Chitral National Park

Chitral-Gol-National-Park-01-800Chitral National Park

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Chitral Gol National Park is situated in the beautiful valley of Chitral. Chitral Gol is a narrow...

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