Sarawak Nature

Bako National Park, Kuching

bako-01-800Bako National Park, Kuching

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A National Park since 1957, Bako offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak's forests and...

Gunung Buda, national park

Gunung-Buda-01-800Gunung Buda, national park

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Founded in 1996, the Gunung Buda Project seeks to protect and preserve the Gunung Buda (White...

Batang Ai National Park

Batang-Ai-National-ParkBatang Ai National Park

Batang Ai National Park is part of the region’s largest...

Gunung Gading National Park, Kuching

Gunung-Gadung-National-Park-01-800Gunung Gading National Park, Kuching

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Gunung Gading is home to the world's largest flower, the rafflesia, which can grow up...

Bukit Tiban National Park

Bukit-Tiban-01-800Bukit Tiban National Park

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About Bukit Tiban National ParkBukit Tiban National Park is a national park in the Miri Division of...

Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri

Gunung-Mulu-01-800Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri

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Gunung Mulu National Park near Miri, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, is a UNESCO World...

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