Sawarak Waterfalls

Bobak Falls

Bobak-falls-01-800Bobak Falls

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Not far from Kuching, in rural Sarawak, these romantic falls can be found. Leave Kuching on the nr 1 road and...

Jangkar fall, Berumput range

Jangkar-Waterfall-01-800Jangkar fall, Berumput range

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The Jangkar fall is a powerful, remote fall, located on the slopes of the Berumput range, the...

Giam Klimau Fall

Giam-KlimauGiam Klimau Fall

Giam Klimau has an amazing geographical feature. It is a curtain fall! The water just drops on the hard rock surface instead...

Kubah Falls

Kubah-Fall--01-800Kubah Falls

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Kubah National Park is located about 20 kms west from Kuching city, also one of most accessible national parks...

Gunung Gading Falls

Gunung-Gading-FallsGunung Gading Falls

The waterfall trail leads to a series of waterfalls. They are numbered 1 to 7, but not all of them are accessible. The...

Latak falls, Lambir Hills National Park

Latak-FallsLatak falls, Lambir Hills National Park

The Lambir Hills National Park is located about 30 km south of Miri and a popular weekend...

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