Kachin State

- Kachin State

kachin-01-800Kachin State

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Kachin State , is the northernmost state of Burma. It is bordered by China to the north and east; Shan State...

In-depth Ayeyarwady

kachinIn-depth Ayeyarwady


Ethnic Kachin girls from China wear traditional costumes during the...

Bhamo, Kachin State

Bhamo-01-800Bhamo, Kachin State

Bhamo (Burmese: ဗန်းမော်မြို့, also spelt Bamaw) is a city of Kachin State in northernmost part...

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

indawgyi_lakeIndawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife reserve of Burma. It is located in Mohnyin Township in Kachin...

Hkakaborazi National Park, Kachin State

Budorcas-taxicolor-tibetana-01-800Hkakaborazi National Park, Kachin State

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Proven to be one of the rarest animal in the world. Scientefic name by (Budorcas...

Kachin State, gold mining

gold-mining-in-the-Kachin-01-800Kachin State, gold mining 

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Gold and Jade Mining
Popular types of gold mining in Kachin State are 4? x 4? pit mining...

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