- Myanmar, Burma

Burma-map-01-800Myanmar, Burma

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Burma , also known as Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China, Thailand...

Mrauk U museum

Kanbawzathadi-Golden-Palace--01-800Mrauk U museum

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The Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace and Museum (also written Kambowzathadi and Kanbawza Thadi) was formerly...

Bagan Archaeological Museum, Bagan

Bagan-01-800Bagan Archaeological Museum, Bagan

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The Bagan Archaeological Museum is located in north of Bagan, in the Old Bagan region...

Myanmar Railways

Myanmar-railway-01-800Myanmar Railways

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Myanmar Railways (MR) (Burmese...

Eating in Burma

MohingaEating in Burma in Burma

First published 5th February, 2012

Thailand has pad thai and tom yam...

National parks, and wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar (Burma)

Location map of national parks in MyanmarNational parks, and wildlife sanctuaries in Myanmar (Burma)
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