Myanmar Festivals

Ananda Pagoda Festival

Ananda-Pagoda-01-800Ananda Pagoda Festival

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Symbolizing the limitless wisdom of Buddha, there is a month long sanctified festival for the...

Hpaung Daw U Pagoda, Inle Lake, Shan State

Hpaung-Daw-U-Pagoda-01-800Hpaung Daw U Pagoda, Inle Lake, Shan State

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4 Buddha Images are taken around the lake in a gilded barge pulled by...

Elephant Dance Festival

Elephant-Dance-Festival-01-800Elephant Dance Festival

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Dancing Elephant Festival is also another famous festival in Myanmar. It is held in Kyaukse, near...

Htamane Festival

Htamane Festival

Htamane festival is held between February and March, throughout...

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot-Air-Balloon-Festival-01-800Hot Air Balloon Festival

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On this occasion people enjoy fun and merriment by holding firework-launching competitions. The...

Kakku relic pagoda, Shan state

Kakku-Pagoda-01-800Kakku relic pagoda, Shan state

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The Kakku relic...

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