Kyrgyz Fergana Valley

- Kyrgyz Fergana Valley

Fergana-Valley-01-800Kyrgyz Fergana Valley

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The Margilan Bazaar in the Fergana Valley #1

The markets of the fertile Fergana Valley represent some...



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Meeting. Preparation for traditional games : kok-boru/ulak-tartysh (polo played with a dead goat), kyz-kumay...

Alay Valley

Alay-Valley-01-800Alay Valley

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Country LifeAlai Valley, Kyrgyzstan

The Alay Valley (Kyrgyz: Алай өрөөнү) is a broad, dry valley...

Lenin Peak

Pik-Lenin-01-800Lenin Peak

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Kirgisistan Alai Tal: Blick auf den Pik Lenin

Lenin Peak (Kyrgyz: Ленин Чокусу, Russian...



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Holy lake, north of Arslanbob

Arslanbob (Russian: Арсланбоб; Uzbek: Arstanbap) is small town, sub...



Bread and fruit in the Osh bazaar.

Osh (Kyrgyz: Ош) is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located in the Fergana Valley in the...