The Pamirs

- The Pamirs

pamir-01-800The Pamirs

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Pamir Highway, Tajikistan

The Pamir Mountains are a mountain range in Central Asia formed by the junction or...



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Women on the roadside selling small things with a soldier nearby. Murgab at 3576m, and located at the middle of...

Bartang Valley

Bartang-Valley-01-800Bartang Valley

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The stark and elemental Bartang Valley is one of the wildest and most beautiful in the western...

Pamir Highway

Pamir-Highway-01-800Pamir Highway

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Rehearsal for the Forthcoming visit by Emomalii Rahmon President Tajikistan

June 2010...civil unrest...



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Khorog Bazaar at 10 AM

The town of Khorugh (Tajik: Хоруғ, Persian: خاروغ‎ ), also transliterated as...

Wakhan Valley

Wakhan-Valley-01-800Wakhan Valley

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Dressed up for the President at Vrang

The Tajik half of the superbly remote Wakhan Valley, shared with...