Castles in Baden-Württemberg

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Castles-in-Baden-Wrttemberg-800Castles in Baden-Württemberg

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Numerous castles can...

Amlishagen Castle

Amlishagen-Castle_tonemappedAmlishagen Castle

Amlishagen Castle is a castle near the village of Amlishagen, which is a...

Achstetten Castle

Achstetten-Castle_ton-800Achstetten Castle

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Achstetten Castle is a classicist[1] mansion in the...

Ballmertshofen Castle

Ballmertshofen-Castle_ton-800Ballmertshofen Castle

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Ballmertshofen Castle is a 16th Century castle...

Alberweiler Castle

Alberweiler-Castle_tonemappedAlberweiler Castle

Alberweiler Castle is a small castle-like structure in the village of...

Brenz Castle

Brenz-Castle_tonemapped-aBrenz Castle

Brenz Castle is Renaissance castle located in the Brenz an der Brenz borough of...

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