Castles in Lower Saxony

- Castles in Lower Saxony

Castles-in-Lower-Saxony_tone-800Castles in Lower Saxony

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Numerous castles and palaces are...

Brunswick Palace

Brunswick-Palace-800Brunswick Palace

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Brunswick Palace (German: Braunschweiger Schloss or...

Ahlden House

Ahlden-House_tonemappedAhlden House

Ahlden House (German: Schloss Ahlden) is a stately home at Ahlden on the Lüneburg...

Burg Schaumburg

Burg-Schaumburg_ton-800Burg Schaumburg,_Lower_Saxony

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Schaumburg Castle (German: Burg Schaumburg)...

Bentheim Castle

Bentheim-Castle_tone-800Bentheim Castle

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Bentheim Castle (German: Burg Bentheim) is an early medieval...

Celle Castle

Celle-Castle_ton-800Celle Castle

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Celle Castle (German: Schloss Celle) or, less commonly, Celle...

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