Castles in Schleswig-Holstein

- Castles in Schleswig-Holstein

Castles-in-Schleswig-Holstein_to-800_tona-aCastles in Schleswig-Holstein

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Numerous castles are...

Plöner Schloss

Plner-Schloss_to-80Plöner Schloss

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Plön Castle (German: Plöner Schloss) in Plön is one of...

Eutiner Schloss

Eutiner-Schloss_ton-800Eutiner Schloss

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Eutin Castle (German: Eutiner Schloss) in Eutin in the north...

Schloss Glücksburg

Schloss-Glcksburg_ton-800Schloss Glücksburg

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Glücksburg Castle (German: Schloss Glücksburg...

Kieler Schloss

Kieler-Schloss_ton-800Kieler Schloss

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Kiel Castle (German: Kieler Schloss) in Kiel in the north German...

Schloss Gottorf

Schloss-Gottorf_ton-800Schloss Gottorf

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Gottorf Castle (German: Schloss Gottorf, Low German and Danish...