Castles in Thuringia

- Castles in Thuringia

castles-in-Thuringia-00Castles in Thuringia

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Numerous castles are found in the German...

Schloss Elisabethenburg

Schloss-Elisabethenburg-800Schloss Elisabethenburg

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Elisabethenburg Palace (German: Schloss...

Friedenstein Castle

Friedenstein-Castle_to-800Friedenstein Castle

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Friedenstein Castle (German: Schloss Friedenstein)...

Schloss Tiefurt

Schloss-Tiefurt_to-800Schloss Tiefurt

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Tiefurt House (German: Schloss Tiefurt) is a small stately...

Schloss Belvedere, Weimar

Schloss-Belvedere-Weimar-800Schloss Belvedere, Weimar,_Weimar

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The Baroque Schloss Belvedere, Weimar on...

Schloss Weimar

Schloss-Weimar-800Schloss Weimar

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The Schloss Weimar is a Schloss (palace) in Weimar, Germany...

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