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Slovakia-Palaces_t-800Slovakia Palaces

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Esterházy Palace, Bratislava - home to the Slovak National...

Johann Pálffy Palace

Johann-Plffy-Palace-800Johann Pálffy Palace

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Johann Pálffy Palace (Slovak: Pálffyho...

Esterházy Palace (Bratislava)

Esterhzy-Palace-Bratislava_to-800Esterházy Palace (Bratislava)

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Esterházy Palace...

Mirbach Palace

Mirbach-Palace_ton-800Mirbach Palace

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Mirbach Palace (Slovak: Mirbachov palác) is a Rococo-style...

Grassalkovich Palace

Grassalkovich-Palace-800Grassalkovich Palace

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The Grassalkovich Palace (Slovak: Grasalkovičov...

Primate's Palace

Primates-Palace_to-800Primate's Palace

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The Primate's Palace (Slovak: Primaciálny palác...

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