S, Basel & Aargau



Aarau (German pronunciation: [ˈaːraʊ], locally [ˈɑːrɑʊ]) is the capital of the northern Swiss canton of Aargau. The city is also...



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Basel (pron.: /ˈbɑːzəl/) or Basle (pron.: /ˈbɑːl/; German: Basel; pronounced [ˈbaːzəl])[note 1] is...

Augusta Raurica

Augusta-Raurica-800Augusta Raurica

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Augusta Raurica is a Roman archaeological site and an open-air museum in Switzerland located on the south...

Brugg & Windisch

Brugg-800Brugg & Windisch

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Ten minutes west of Baden by train lies the Habsburg settlement of Brugg, created as a toll stop on the...

Baden, Switzerland

Baden_ton-800Baden, Switzerland

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Baden is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau, on the west bank of the river Limmat, located in...



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A vertical stone fortress that would not be out of place in Arthurian legend or a Monty Python sketch, the...

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