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Romania-palaces_to-800Romania palaces

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Apollo Palace - Târgu MureşBanffy Palace - Cluj-Napoca, built...

Cluj-Napoca Bánffy Palace

Cluj-Napoca-Bnffy-Palace-800Cluj-Napoca Bánffy Palace

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Bánffy Castle is a baroque...

Brukenthal National Museum

Brukenthal-National-Museum-800Brukenthal National Museum

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The Brukenthal National Museum...

Cotroceni Palace

Cotroceni-Palace-800Cotroceni Palace

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Cotroceni Palace (Romanian: Palatul Cotroceni) is the...

CEC Palace

CEC-Palace_to-800CEC Palace

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The CEC Palace (Romanian: Palatul C.E.C.) in Bucharest, Romania, built...

Crețulescu Palace

Cre-ulescu-Palace_ton-800Crețulescu Palace

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Crețulescu Palace (Palatul Crețulescu in...

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