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Abramtsevo (Russian: Абра́мцево) is an estate located north of Moscow, in the proximity of Khotkovo...

Gorki Leninskiye

Gorki-Leninskiye_to-800Gorki Leninskiye

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Gorki Leninskiye (Russian: Го́рки Ле́нинские) is an urban locality (a work settlement) in...

Arkhangelskoye Palace

Arkhangelskoye-Palace_t-800Arkhangelskoye Palace

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Arkhangelskoye (Russian: Арха́нгельское) is a historical estate located around...



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A steady stream of pilgrims makes the journey to this village, 50km west of Moscow. Their motives are diverse, as...



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In 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia, lured by the prospect of taking Moscow. For three months the Russians retreated...

Klin, Klinsky

Klin-Klinsky_to-800Klin, Klinsky

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Klin (Russian: Клин, literally meaning a wedge) is a town and the administrative center of Klinsky...

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