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By federal subjectArkhangelsk OblastMalye...

Buryatia, Ulan-Ude Ethnographic Museum

Ulan-Ude-Ethnographic-Museum-800Ulan-Ude Ethnographic Museum

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The Ulan-Ude Ethnographic Museum...

Arkhangelsk Oblast, Solovetsky Monastery

Solovetsky-Monastery-800Solovetsky Monastery

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Solovetsky Monastery (Russian...

Chelyabinsk Oblast, White House, Kyshtym

White-House-Kyshtym_t-800White House, Kyshtym,_Kyshtym

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The White House (also known as the Demidov Manor...

Astrakhan Oblast, Astrakhan Kremlin

Astrakhan-Kremlin-800Astrakhan Kremlin

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Astrakhan Kremlin (Russian: Астраханский...

Chuvashia, Chuvash National Museum

Chuvash-National-Museum-800Chuvash National Museum

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The Chuvash National Museum in Cheboksary...

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