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The Abazins or Abaza (Abaza: абаза, Turkish: Abazalar, Arabic: أباظة‎) are an ethnic...

Altay people

Altay-people_toneAltay people

The Altay or Altai are a Turkic people living in the Siberian Altai Republic and Altai...

Abkhaz people

Abkhaz-peopleAbkhaz people

The Abkhaz or Abkhazians (Abkhaz: Аҧсуа, Apswa; Georgian...



Armenians (Armenian: հայեր, hayer [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group native to the...

Adyghe people

Adyghe_ton-800Adyghe people

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Adyghe (/ˈædɨɡeɪ/ or /ˌɑːdɨˈɡeɪ/; Circassian...

Assyrian people

Assyrian-people_to-800Assyrian people

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The Assyrians (Syriac: ܣܘܪܝܝܐ), also known as Syrians...

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