Castles in Albania

- Castles in Albania

Castles-in-Albania-800Castles in Albania

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This page is a list of castles and castle...

Elbasan Castle

Elbasan-Castle_to-800Elbasan Castle

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Elbasan castle is a 15th-century fortress located in the city...

Ali Pasha Castle

Ali-Pasha-CastleAli Pasha Castle

Ali Pasha Castle (Albanian: Kalaja e Butrintit) is a castle in Butrint...

Fortress of Bashtovë

Fortress-of-Bashtov-800Fortress of Bashtovë

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Bashtovë Fortress (Albanian:Kalaja e Bashtovës)...

Durrës Castle

Durrs-Castle-800Durrës Castle

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Durrës Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e Durrësit) is a...

Gjirokastër Fortress

Gjirokastr-Fortress_to-800Gjirokastër Fortress

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Gjirokastër Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e...

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