Bosnia and Herzegovina painters

- Bosnia and Herzegovina painters

Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-painters-800Bosnia and Herzegovina painters

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BMersad BerberDVojo...

Kosta Hakman

Kosta-Hakman-800Kosta Hakman

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Kosta Hakman (Serbian Cyrillic: Коста Хакман; 22 May...

Gabrijel Jurkić

Gabrijel-JurkicGabrijel Jurkić

Gabrijel Jurkić (24 March 1886 – 25 February 1974) was a Bosnian...

Kristian Kreković

Kristian-Krekovic-800Kristian Kreković

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Kristian Kreković (1901–1985) was a Bosnian...

Karlo Mijić

Karlo-MijicKarlo Mijić

Karlo Mijić (1887–1964) was a Bosnian painter [1] noted for his...

Ksenia Milicevic

Ksenia-MilicevicKsenia Milicevic

Ksenia Milicevic (born September 15, 1942) is a French painter, architect and...

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