Castles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Castles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Castles-in-Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-800Castles in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Srebrenik Fortress

Srebrenik-Fortress-800Srebrenik Fortress

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Srebrenik Fortress (Bosnian: Utvrda Srebrenik) is a...

Bijela Tabija

Bijela-Tabija-800Bijela Tabija

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Bijela Tabija (English: The White Fortress) is an old fort...

Velika Kladuša Castle

Velika-Kladua-Castle-800Velika Kladuša Castle

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Velika Kladuša Castle is a castle in...

Ostrožac Castle

Ostroac-Castle_ton-800Ostrožac Castle

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Ostrožac Castle is a castle located in Bosnia and...