Castles in Italy

- Castles in Italy

Castles-in-Italy-800Castles in Italy

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This is a list of castles in Italy by location. In...

Alpinia, Gallipoli Castle

Gallipoli-Castle_ton-800Gallipoli Castle

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The Gallipoli peninsula (/ɡəˈlɪpɵli/; Turkish...

Abruzzo, Forte Spagnolo

Forte-Spagnolo-800Forte Spagnolo

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The Forte Spagnolo (Italian for Spanish fortress; locally...

Alpulia, Castello Aragonese

Castello-Aragonese_ton-800Castello Aragonese

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Otranto (Italian...

Abruzzo, Ortona


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Ortona is a coastal town and municipality of the...

Aosta Valley, Châtelard Castle

Chtelard-Castle-800Châtelard Castle,_Aosta_Valley

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Châtelard Castle (Italian: Castello...

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