Malta Gardens

- Malta Gardens

Malta-Gardens-800Malta Gardens

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"The gardens that can be found in the Maltese Islands are numerous but...

Foresta 2000

Foresta-2000_tonemappedForesta 2000

The aim of Foresta 2000 is to restore an area of natural habitat and turn it into...

Buskett Gardens

Buskett-Gardens--800Buskett Gardens

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Situated next to Verdala Palace, in a valley just inland...

Ghadira Nature Reserve

Ghadira-Nature-Reserve_ton-800Ghadira Nature Reserve

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Ghadira Nature Reserve in Mellieha and...

Elysium Visitor Centre

ELYSIUM-VISITOR-CENTRE_toElysium Visitor Centre

Operated by The Gaia Foundation (an environmental NGO), this...

Kennedy Grove

Kennedy-Grove_to-800Kennedy Grove

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Kennedy Grove is a popular spot on the southwest outskirts...

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