P, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo

Castelo de São Jorge

Castelo-de-So-Jorge_to-800Castelo de São Jorge


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The Castle of São Jorge (Portuguese: Castelo...

Castelo dos Mouros

Castelo-dos-Mouros_ton-800aCastelo dos Mouros


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The Castle of the Moors (Portuguese...

Castelo de Sesimbra

Castelo-de-SesimbraCastelo de Sesimbra


Castelo de Sesimbra, also known as Castelo dos Mouros, is a castle...

Castle of Almourol

Castle-of-AlmourolCastle of Almourol


The Castle of Almourol is a medieval castle, located on a small islet in...

Castelo de Torres Novas

Castelo-de-Torres-Novas-800Castelo de Torres Novas


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Castelo de Torres Novas is a castle in...

Convento de Cristo

Convento-de-CristoConvento de Cristo


The Convent of the Order of Christ (Portuguese: Convento de Cristo) is a...

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