P, Estremadura & Ribatejo

- Estremadura


Estremadura Province (Portuguese pronunciation: [(ɨ)ʃtɾɨmɐˈðuɾɐ]) is a historical province of Portugal. It is located...

Batalha, Portugal

Batalha-Portugal_ton-800Batalha, Portugal

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Batalha Municipality (Portuguese pronunciation: [bɐˈtaʎɐ]) is located in Leiria District, Pinhal...

- Ribatejo Province

Ribatejo_toneRibatejo Province

The Ribatejo (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁiβɐˈtɛʒu]) is the most central of the traditional provinces of Portugal...

Caldas da Rainha

Caldas-da-Rainha_toCaldas da Rainha

Now that its sulphurous waters are restricted to patients at the local hospital, dowdy historic spa town Caldas da Rainha is...



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Alcobaça (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐɫkuˈβasɐ]) is a city in Alcobaça Municipality in Oeste Subregion...



Constância (Portuguese pronunciation: [kõʃˈtɐ̃siɐ] ( listen)) is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of...

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