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After Portugal regained independence from Spain in the 1640s, the country’s border regions were on constant high...

Castelo Branco, Portugal

Castelo-Branco-PortugalCastelo Branco, Portugal

The city of Castelo Branco (Portuguese pronunciation: [kɐʃˌtɛɫu ˈbrɐ̃ku]) is made up of one parish with a...

Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro-PortugalAveiro, Portugal

Aveiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [aˈvejɾu] or Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈvɐjɾu] ( listen)) is a city in Aveiro...



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Coimbra (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈkwĩbɾɐ ][1]) is a city in the municipality of Coimbra in...

Belmonte, Portugal

Belmonte-Portugal_to-800Belmonte, Portugal

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Belmonte (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˌbɛɫˈmõt(ɨ)]) is a municipality in Portugal. It has a total...



Hidden amid humble olive orchards in the rolling country southwest of Coimbra, Conimbriga boasts Portugal’s most extensive and...

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