Castles in Slovenia

- Castles in Slovenia

Castles-in-Slovenia_ton-800Castles in Slovenia

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This is a list of castles in...

Betnava Mansion

Betnava-Mansion-800Betnava Mansion

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Betnava Mansion (Slovene: Dvorec Betnava, German: Schloss...

Ajman Castle

Ajman-Castle_ton-800Ajman Castle

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Ajman Castle (Slovene: Ajmanov grad, German: Schloss Ehrenau...

Bled Castle

Bled-Castle_ton-800Bled Castle

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Bled Castle (Slovene: Blejski grad, German: Burg Veldes) is a...

Baumkircher Tower

Baumkircher-Tower_to-800Baumkircher Tower

The Baumkircher Tower (Slovene: Baumkircherjev Turn, from German...

Bogenšperk Castle

Bogenperk-Castle_to-800Bogenšperk Castle

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Bogenšperk Castle (pronounced [ˈboːɡɛnʃpɛɾk]...

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