Castilla-la Mancha

- Castile–La Mancha

Castile-La-ManchaCastile–La Mancha

Castile–La Mancha (English /kæˈstiːl lə ˈmɑːntʃə/; Spanish: Castilla-La Mancha [kasˈtiʎa la ˈmantʃa] (...

Alcalá del Júcar

Alcala-del-Jucar_tAlcalá del Júcar

Alcalá del Júcar is a municipality in Albacete, Castile-La Mancha, Spain. It has a population of...



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One hundred kilometres or so south of Cuenca is the seductive medieval village of Alarcón. The approach is via a...

Almagro, Ciudad Real

Almagro-Ciudad-Real_t-800Almagro, Ciudad Real

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Almagro is a town and municipality situated in Ciudad Real province, in the autonomous community of...



Albacete (Spanish pronunciation: [alβaˈθete]) is a city and municipality in southeastern Spain, 258 kilometres (160 miles)...



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Some 15km northwest of Imón lies Atienza, a charming walled medieval village crowned by yet another castle ruin...

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