Spain Festivals

Arde Lucus

Arde-Lucus_to-800Arde Lucus

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Arde Lucus (also written as Arde Lvcvs)(Burn Lugo) is a festival...

Burial of the Sardine

Burial-of-the-Sardine_toBurial of the Sardine

The "Burial of the Sardine" (Entierro de la sardina) is a Spanish...

Bonfires of Saint John

Bonfires-of-Saint-John-800Bonfires of Saint John

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The Bonfires of Saint John (Spanish: Hogueras...



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The Fiesta de Cascamorras is a festival that takes place in the...

Bous al carrer

Bous-al-carrer_t-800Bous al carrer

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Bous al carrer, correbou or correbous (meaning in Catalan...

Charanga (Spain)

Charanga-Spain_tonCharanga (Spain)

Charanga is, in several areas of Spain, a name given to represent a small...

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