Castles in East Flanders

- Castles in East Flanders

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The Gravensteen is a castle in Ghent originating from the Middle...

Boelare Castle

Boelare-Castle_tone-800Boelare Castle

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Boelare Castle is a castle near the village Nederboelare...

Laarne Castle

Laarne-Castle_to-800Laarne Castle

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Laarne Castle (Dutch: Kasteel van Laarne) is a moated castle in...

Cortewalle Castle

Cortewalle-Castle_to-800Cortewalle Castle

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Cortewalle Castle (Dutch: Kasteel Cortewalle) is a...

Leeuwergem Castle

Leeuwergem-Castle_ton-aLeeuwergem Castle

Leeuwergem Castle (Dutch: Kasteel van Leeuwergem) is a stately home in Elene...

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