Castles in Hainaut (province)

- Castles in Hainaut (province)

Castles-in-Hainaut-800Castles in Hainaut (province)

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Anvaing Castle

Anvaing-Castle_to-800Anvaing Castle

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Anvaing Castle (Château d'Anvaing) is a castle in the village...

Acoz Castle

Acoz-Castle_ton-800Acoz Castle

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Acoz Castle, also known as the Château Pirmez, is a château in...

Attre Castle

Attre-Castle_ton-800Attre Castle

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Attre Castle (Château d'Attre) is a former castle, now a country...

Antoing Castle

Antoing-Castle_ton-800Antoing Castle

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Antoing Castle (French: Château d'Antoing) is one of...

Cartier Castle

Cartier-Castle_ton-800Cartier Castle

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Cartier Castle (French: Château Bilquin de Cartier) is a...

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