Belgium Festivals

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Belgium-Festivals_to-800Belgium Festivals

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BBalfolkBrussels International Festival of...

Carnival of Binche

Carnival-of-Binche-800Carnival of Binche

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The carnival of Binche is an event that takes place...



Bal Folk is a dance event for folk dance and folk music in a number of European countries...

Ducasse de Mons

Ducasse-de-Mons-800Ducasse de Mons

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The Ducasse de Mons or Doudou is a popular festival that...

Brussels International Festival of Eroticism

Brussels-International-Festival-of-EroticismBrussels International Festival of Eroticism

The Brussels...



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The Kattenstoet (lit. "Festival of the Cats") is a parade in Ypres...

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