In the Paris Region

Basilica of St Denis

Basilica-of-St-Denis_ton-800aBasilica of St Denis

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The Basilica of Saint Denis (French: known as...

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland-Paris-800Disneyland Paris

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Disneyland Paris, originally Euro Disney Resort, is an...

Château de Vincennes

Chteau-de-Vincennes-800Château de Vincennes

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The Château de Vincennes is a massive 14th...

Palace of Fontainebleau

Palace-of-Fontainebleau-800Palace of Fontainebleau

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The Palace of Fontainebleau...

Château Villette

Chteau-Villette_tone-800Château Villette

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Château Villette, located 40 minutes away from...

Palace of Versailles

Palace-of-Versailles-800Palace of Versailles

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The Palace of Versailles (English /vɛərˈsaɪ/...

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