British painters, 1850-74

- British painters, 1850-1874

British-painters-1850-1874-800British painters, 1850-1874

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Born 1850–1874John Collier...

Alfred Richard Gurrey, Sr.

Alfred-Richard-Gurrey-Sr.-800Alfred Richard Gurrey, Sr.,_Sr.

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Alfred Richard Gurrey, Sr. (1852–1944)...

A. R. Quinton

A.-R.-Quinton-800A. R. Quinton

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Alfred Robert Quinton (1853–1934) was an English watercolour...

Arthur Lowe (painter)

Arthur-Lowe-painter-800Arthur Lowe (painter)

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Arthur Lowe (1865 – 1940) was born in...

Alexander Scott (painter)

Alexander-Scott-painter-800Alexander Scott (painter)

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Alexander Scott (1872–1932) was a...

Arthur Melville

Arthur-Melville-800Arthur Melville

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Arthur Melville (1858–1904) was a Scottish painter, now...

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