Luxembourgian painters

- Luxembourgian painters

Luxembourgian-painters-800Luxembourgian painters

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!BPierre BrandebourgDMax DauphinEMichel...

Harry Rabinger

Harry-RabingerHarry Rabinger

Harry Rabinger (1895–1966) was a Luxembourg artist who is remembered for his...

Frantz Seimetz

Frantz-SeimetzFrantz Seimetz

Frantz Seimetz (21 April 1858 – 26 October 1934) was a prolific Luxembourg...

Jean-Baptiste Fresez

Jean-Baptiste-FresezJean-Baptiste Fresez

Jean-Baptiste Fresez (1800–1867) was Luxembourg's most important...

Gust Graas

Gust-Graas-800Gust Graas

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Gust (Gustave) Grass (born December 19, 1924) is a Luxembourgian...

Max Kohn

Max-KohnMax Kohn

Max Kohn (born 17 November 1954 in Esch-sur-Alzette) is a Luxembourgian painter and...

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