Castles in Gelderland

- Castles in Gelderland

Castles-in-Gelderland-800Castles in Gelderland

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Doornenburg Castle

Doornenburg-Castle_ton-800Doornenburg Castle

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Castle Doornenburg is a Dutch castle from the 13th...

Biljoen Castle

Biljoen-Castle_to-800Biljoen Castle

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Castle Biljoen lies between the Veluwe and the IJssel near...

Doorwerth Castle

Doorwerth-Castle_ton-800Doorwerth Castle

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Doorwerth Castle is a medieval castle situated on the...

De Kinkelenburg

De-Kinkelenburg-800De Kinkelenburg

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The Kinkelenburg is a castle in Bemmel north of Nijmegen in the Lingewaard in the Dutch province of...

Huis Bergh

Huis-Bergh_to-800Huis Bergh

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Huis Bergh is a castle in 's-Heerenberg and is one of the largest...

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