Castles in Overijssel

- Castles in Overijssel

Castles-in-Overijssel-800Castles in Overijssel

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Huize AlmeloAlmelo, Overijssel
52°21′29″N 6°40′18″ERechteren CastleDalfsen, Overijssel...

Kasteel Twickel

Twickel_ton-800Kasteel Twickel

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Twickel is a castle near Delden Delden Resch in the hamlet, in the province of Overijssel and is the...

Huize Almelo

Huize-AlmeloHuize Almelo

Almelo is a manor house in Almelo which formed the center of the glory Almelo. It is first mentioned in the 13th century. Egbert...

Kasteel Waardenburg

Kasteel-Waardenburg-800Kasteel Waardenburg

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Waardenburg Castle Weerdenburg sometimes called, is a medieval castle located in the municipality to...

Kasteel Rechteren

Kasteel-Rechteren_t-00Kasteel Rechteren

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In Rechteren is a castle that is considered the best preserved historical building of the municipality...