Castles in Zeeland

- Castles in Zeeland

Castles-in-Zeeland-800Castles in Zeeland

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Haamstede CastleHaamstede, Zeeland...

Slot Haamstede

Slot-Haamstede_to-800Slot Haamstede

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Slot Haamstede is an ancient castle set in the village of Haamstede Schouwen-Duiveland. The most famous...

Huis te Sabbinge

Huis-te-Sabbinge_toHuis te Sabbinge

In Old Sabbinge stands an ancient castle. This Hooge Huijs (also: House Sabbinge) was built around 1250 and became the...

Slot Moermond

Slot-Moermond_ton-800Slot Moermond

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Slot Moermond is an old castle in the village of Renesse Schouwen-Duiveland. The third and current castle...

Kasteel Westhove

Kasteel-Westhove-800Kasteel Westhove

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Westhove Castle is a castle in Walcheren, it lies outside of Oostkapelle.

The castle was in a charter of...