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Calabria - Olives tree

Calabria (pronounced [kaˈlaːbrja]; in Calabrian dialects: Calabbria or Calavria, in antiquity known as...

The Sila

La-Sila-01-800The Sila

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La Sila Piccola

The Sila (or Italian: La Sila) is the name of the mountainous plateau and historic region...



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Cosenza  listen (help·info) is a city located at the confluence of two historic rivers, the Crathis and...

Reggio di Calabria

Reggio-Calabria-01-800Reggio di Calabria

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Reggio Calabria - Duomo

Reggio di Calabria (Italian pronunciation: [ˈrɛddʒo di kaˈlaːbrja]...