- Outback

OutbackOutbackSculpture Symposium, Broken Hill, NSW Australia-yury-Introducing Outback

Vast sunburnt plains, crimson sunsets and empty horizons – far...

Menindee Lakes

Menindee-Lakes_tonemapped-800Menindee Lakes

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The Menindee Lakes is a chain of shallow ephemeral freshwater lakes connected to the Darling River to form...

Bourke, New South Wales

BourkeBourke, New South Wales

Bourke is a town in the north-west of New South Wales, Australia. The administrative centre and largest town in Bourke...

Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji-National-ParkMutawintji National Park

Mutawintji (previous name: Mootwingee) is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, 878 km west of Sydney...

Broken Hill, New South Wales

Broken-hill_tonemapped-180Broken Hill, New South Wales

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Broken Hill is an isolated mining city in the far west of outback New South Wales, Australia...

Silverton, New South Wales

SilvertonSilverton, New South Wales

Silverton is a small village at the far west of New South Wales, Australia, 25 kilometres north-west of Broken...

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